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Founded in 2009, TYSiC is China's first private enterprise engaged in the marketing, R&D and manufacturing of silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxial wafers. In 2010, Tianyu cooperated with the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the Silicon Carbide Institute, which is composed of the best talents in the field. Tianyu is China's first silicon carbide semiconductor material supply chain company to obtain Automotive Quality Certification (IATF 16949). 

At present, Tianyu has the most silicon carbide epitaxial Reactor CVD in China. With the most advanced epitaxial reactor equipment, epitaxial technology and the most advanced testing and characterization capabilities, we provide global customers with N-type and P-type doped epitaxial materials, fabricate Schottky diodes, JFET, BJT, MOSFET,  GTO and IGBT, etc.

Mission of the company:

Promote the development of the third-generation (wide band gap) semiconductor industry, and become one of the world's major manufacturers of silicon carbide epitaxial wafers, providing customers with excellent products and services with advanced silicon carbide epitaxial growth technology.

In May 2021, TYSiC was approved as "Guangdong Province Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base" and "Guangdong Province Doctoral Workstation" (Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security); In June 2021, TYSiC has been awarded as a Cont
In December 2020, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission awarded our company as Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research Center (third-generation semiconductor SiC epitaxial material).
In November 2019, our company(TYSiC)cooperated with Shenzhen Third Generation Semiconductor Research Institute and Dongguan Southern Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly build the "Guangdong Province Third Generation Semiconduct
In March 2018, The Shenzhen Third Generation Semiconductor Research Institute... In May 2018, The commissioning of the newly introduced production line was completed, and the production capacity of 4-inch and 6-inch silicon carbide epitaxia...
In December 2017, TYSiC added 6 sets of silicon carbide epitaxial wafer production equipment to meet the demand for capacity expansion.
In March 2016, TYSiC became the first epitaxial material manufacturer in China to obtain the Automotive Quality management system (IATF 16949: 2016). And established "Dongguan South Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd." with Songshan Lake
Started mass production of 4-in epitaxial wafer.
In February 2013, TYSiC completed the research and development of P-type epitaxial wafers, and each parameter reached the international advanced level of the same period. Started to supply P-type silicon carbide epitaxial wafers to customers.
In January 2012, TYSiC completed the development of 4-inch N-type epitaxial wafers. The parameters of the product have reached the global advanced level in the same period.
In June 2011, "the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide material and device R&D and industrialization innovation scientific research team" was approved.
In May 2010, Tianyu Semiconductor company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the "Silicon Carbide Technology Research Institute".
In January 2009, China's first silicon carbide epitaxy company (TYSiC) was established, filling the gap in the domestic industrial chain. At present, our company's human resources, workshop equipment and mass production capacity of SiC epitaxial wafer

      The foundation of our TYSiC company's R&D team is the Guangdong Province innovative research team composed of 7 researchers from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by Academician Wang Zhanguo, which introduced in 2011. Over the years, we has independently cultivated a high-level R&D team with team members from below listed and other well-known Universities:

Peking University,

Hong Kong University,

University of Science and Technology of China,

Shandong University,

Xidian University,

South China University of Technology,

Changchun University of Technology,

Jinan University,

Wuhan Engineering University,

Xiangtan University,

Guangdong University of Technology.


At present, our company has established the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences -Tianyu Silicon Carbide Technology Research Institute, jointly cultivated master and doctoral students with Xiamen University, and jointly cultivated postdoctoral students with Xi'an Jiaotong University through strengthening cooperation in production, education and research. It has established a post-doctoral innovation practice base in Guangdong Province. Attract and cultivate high-level talents. Relying on the 3 provincial engineering research centers (Guangdong Engineering Research Center, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Doctoral Workstation) and the technological innovation platform of Dongguan Songshan Lake Enterprise R&D Institution, to improve the R&D level of the R&D team.

(1) Standardization Work

TYSiC is a leader in the SiC epitaxy industry. It has formulated 5 SiC semiconductor-related group standards and 4 corporate standards. It is currently undertaking the drafting of 2 national standards.

(2) Intellectual Property Protection

Our company's full set of core technologies for SiC epitaxy are all independently developed. As protection, 24 invention patents (12 authorized) and 24 utility model patents (13 authorized) have been applied for. A total of 27 high-level papers have been published (16 papers included in SCI/EI).

(3) System Certification

Obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS/IATF-16949 automotive quality management system certification.

(4) Important Technological Breakthroughs

TYSiC adheres to the development concept of independent scientific and technological innovation. TYSiC has carried out in-depth and systematic research and development work in the industrialization of 4H-SiC epitaxial materials, device structure material growth technology, and epitaxial material testing analysis and standardization. Position doping and control technology, rapid epitaxy and thick film growth technology have realized the mass production of a full range of 4 and 6-inch 4H-SiC epitaxial wafers.

At the same time, our company has also planned the construction of the domestic 8-inch SiC epitaxial wafer process line in advance, and is currently actively making breakthroughs in the research and development of key technologies for the 8-inch SiC process.

Ø The first domestic mass production of 6-inch epitaxial wafers;

Ø Realization of thick epitaxial growth above 20 kV;

Ø N/p type interface control technology such as slow-change junction and steep-change junction;

Ø Multi-layer continuous epitaxial growth technology.

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